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Dedicated horse folk present the horse and cart and horse culture into the 21st Century. Each Year since 2000 the horse drawn camp has grown in its self perception and stature. The horse drawn camp itself, a core of horse drawn individuals is now attracting people from all factions of Britain's horse culture as we continue to promote the horse and cart in the modern age. With our dedication to natural horsemanship, linked with craft and artistry, love of music and desire to party the horse drawn camp has become a colourful exhibition of the horse drawn culture in Britain today. From it's ragged and roughest to its most romantic ideal. For sure since aharry of horse drawn folk gatecrashed the Big Green Gathering in 2000 and THC as an event at events began, the horse drawn folk themselves have never known each other so well.


THC can be proud of the way they have utilised their way of life and their natural craftsmanship to give such a presentation as the horse drawn camp for the interested public to gain an insight into horse drawn life and culture.


...And what a rich culture, full of painters and artists, wheelwrights and waggonwrights, farriers and blacksmiths, jugglers and musicians, horse trainers and believe it "whisperers".


This sites aim is to aid folk to gain an extra insight into this culture. Where to find us and what we are doing when we are at events and when we are not. Who are we, where do we go in the winter, what makes us do what we do and any other queries you may have of us as a culture. Well we are not such a mystery really and we are easy to meet and easy to approach, real living real folk with realistic motivations. Come and meet us down the horse drawn camp at the Big Green Gathering or the Beltane Bash or we will be coming to a verge near you soon. One love. THC.
















accept no substitutes ;-)


Happy to see you by the side of the road, in a field or very happy to see you at one of our event parties.